Don’t go to the mall today or this weekend, that’s MADNESS!

instead, buy “Little Dee” and “Spacetrawler” books and merchandise. (and the Little Dee books will be not available after the end of the year due to contract stuff for the new graphic novel coming out, so BUY NOW!)


11/27/15 The Ambush 20

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  1. Embarrassing pictures? Someone needs to save batteries, or do some useful searches.

  2. Best first contact ever. That’s what she will be famous for throughout the galaxy. Unlike Teapot, who will be known throughout the galaxy as the killer of Sub-Superior Smelly Jelly Belly the 7th, and blatant excuse for starting Worlds War 9.

  3. This alien has made lyrical music! As per the codes of honor, it has pledged its flesh to feed the clan as a return gift for the Pillow of Love. We will honor this alien by cooking it and eating of its flesh and placing its bones on the ritual tomb of honored food. Perhaps its friends can give us hints as to the best spices to cook their species with.

  4. Hmm… might want to look up “How to Serve Man.”

  5. Ah, music, the lingua franca of the universe.

    And how fortunate the aliens’ hearing range is humanlike, since their hearing organs don’t seem to explode (could be interpreted as an attack).

  6. I didn’t go to a mall; however, I DID go to a Walmart. I got two PS4 games I’ve really wanted for awhile, plus a new controller, for under $100… Didn’t even have to fight crowds. As a matter of fact, the people around me were very polite and helpful, employee and customer alike.

    Of course, I’m 6’2″, 185 lbs and have a rather excitable nature……. 😀

    As for the comic? I love that Anna is finally able to play this piece she worked so hard to master; I truly hope the NEBs appreciate her performance.. unless she just insulted all their mothers, fathers and collected ancestors through the tones of her music.

    That would be tragic…

  7. Indeed it would be.

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