Short strip today! Have a great weekend! 🙂

Holiday shopping?! Buy “Little Dee” and “Spacetrawler” books and merchandise! It’s not too late!



12/04/15 Recovery 03

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  1. …she’ll be fine.

  2. Yup. With condescension. Creepy.

  3. Do you all know that if you put their names together in shipping fashion it ends up being TEALOVE?

    Or Foxpot, I guess. But whatever. Say it with me now: Foxpot. AWWWWW.

    No, wait.

  4. “Shipping fashion”? Is that how we got such pop culture abominations as “Bennifer”?

    Whatev. “Tealove” sounds like some kind of organic infusion you’d buy at a hippie-type organic food store, something you’d only drink “with that special someone”; “Foxpot” sounds like something you’d buy at that same hippie-type organic food store, but in the back of the store under the table no names please. Unless you’re in Colorado.

  5. Or California, with a special ID.

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