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12/07/15 Recovery 04

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  1. “What magical powers did they use to escape this time?”

  2. I’m not an expert in alien body language, but it seems to me that the two N.E.B.S. are asking questions and the crab with the yellow scarf is answering by pointing at our human heroes.
    That each of these two species is intelligent was already established; but here, they are communicating together. And apparently soundlessly.
    Implications are fascinating.

    Also, how long before N.E.B.S. learn to bow?

  3. I think we’re about to witness the humans’ first inter-species parley.. up until now all the aliens except this group of crabs have tried to kill them.

  4. Vigilante sweater crabs is the name of my next band.

  5. @Helianthus, quite a long while, I suspect. It doesn’t appear that their anatomy permits bowing at the waist, seeing as they have no waist.

  6. Well, the NEBS didn’t try to kill them until after they killed the floating-jelly-thing, and then they only tried to kill Teapot – Foxglove and Anna wandered around the city with no problem. And the floating-jelly-thing may have burned Anna unintentionally – just like the crab stabbing Foxglove doesn’t seem to have in fact been intentionally aggressive.

  7. Ratted out by the dumplings.

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