12/16/15 Recovery 08

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  1. Everyone’s running after those weird creatures up front. Those weird creatures must be really tasty.

  2. Ah, the classic “incompetent runner falls over while running away.” A classic trope… Always seems like a shallow way to ratchet up tension. I guess I’ve never run from something in a panic before…

  3. Crab and dumplings? Yup!

  4. The NEBS’ motivations are probably as much “run away” now as they are “pursue”.

    Speculation: if the humans manage to blow up the Kthawk’s head, enabling the saving of at least some of the NEBS in its belly, how would the NEBS in general react?

  5. Hm, it’s getting a bit tiresome to me.
    I was sensing some way in the direction, when the basic misunderstanding began. Like what would have happen, when they just have awaited what the jelly thing really was doing to Anna? Might be it wasn’t anything of harm at all. But right now we get more and more riddles, which get less potential to be solved….

  6. The old tripping while being pursued. I wonder why animals seem to be compelled to want to eat us, even alien ones! Saw it in the post Tyrant lizards on Skull island, and in Jurassic Park. Almost like they are programmed to find human flesh especially tasty.
    In Ben 10 we find we are prized throughout the galaxy for our _taste_ to many and disparate alien species. We are just so tasty…

  7. Not quite sure what whacked what in the last frame. Chris?

  8. Humans, the Type O RhD Negative universal donor meat.

  9. @Pedrocelli, the big flying lizard thing’s wing. 🙂

  10. Having watched a fair number of nature documentaries, tripping on things is actually a fairly common way for prey to go down. A wolf chasing something the size of a caribou is essentially waiting for it to make a mistake (like tripping).

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