Introducing, the Kthauwk. Ah, a good Monday morning. Well fed, catching up on backlog, cookies in the cookie safe. Life is okay. Hope you’re having a great Monday!

12/14/15 Recovery 07

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  1. Time to give a flying critter some explosive medicine?

    Wow, look at that teeny tiny wings for such a huge creature, Anti gravity boosters maybe?

  2. Or maybe the planet just has lower gravity. Or more dense air. Or it’s got a lifting-gas body. Or it’s yellow because of black body radiation because it need to heat an airsack to stay aloft like a hot air balloon. Or the entire creature is a lifting body? It doesn’t really look flying-wing shaped enough for that, though. We’re also only really seeing it diving; perhaps its wingspan is actually much larger, but it tucks them in to dive.

  3. That looks more like a massive face plant than a deft pull-up and scoop, but I’m guessing it was a scoop. What an ally to have even if it was accidental! Kthauwk!

  4. That sucks.

  5. Well, at least it fits in with the Pokémon naming system. (Pokémon can only vocalize their names.)

  6. The spell was “Summon Bigger Fish”. How could it summon a Kthauwk? Ah well. This spell was never very reliable.

  7. Why did the crabs giving chase have their thorns out? Or were they just reacting to the big flying thing trying to eat them?

  8. My thought was that they were pursuaded by the four-leggers that the humans needed to be stopped, and went on the offense.

  9. Heh. So now we have YET AGAIN an apex predator (or at least one that can be trained to hunt yet not eat the prey. Good Spot! Who’s a good tracking Kthauwk? Huh? Good Spot!)

    I guess this just goes to show the truth of the old saying:

    When dealing with close air support, it’s the Kthauwk that counts.

  10. Is its name a hint at Cthulhu?

  11. No wonder this world’s inhabitants are that bad tempered…with nasty things like THIS flying around.

  12. Ah yes! The time-honoured literary device of KTHAUWK EX MACHINA.

  13. Well Lev Nia! Nia! Nawgah’nagl fhtagn! (Nope, nope, not home, but dreaming?)

  14. The crabs are chasing them, because they were enlisted by four-footers in .

  15. Now this is strange. We have crablike creatures, cephalodlike creatures, and now this. Two arms, two feet and two wings. Have the evolved from six legged vertebraelike creatures?

  16. A bio engineered world methinks.

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