Have a happy weekend! And be thankful that’s not YOUR head in there.

01/08/16 Underground 08

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  1. Well. That was not what I expected.

  2. This is Lovecraftian, I just can’t get my head into it…………

  3. At least it’s not the giant vagina-faced brain-sucking monster from that movie that movie whose name I refuse to use, because it sullies my fond memories of the novel it was “inspired” by. 😛

  4. first… EW!

    second… Kool, surprised me!

    third… EW!

    But the animated series inspired by the movie that was inspired by the book isn’t all bad.

  6. At long last, contact.
    Well, of a type where the locals seem interested in talking rather than stabbing or devouring. For now.


    Ah, yes, that movie. I could rant about it for hours.

  7. Oh, I didn’t expect that either…

    Well, at least now they have a way to communicate with the nebs.

  8. When I see such things I wonder how evolution could produce such an ability, especially on such a large animal incongruously stuck in a cave. It is a wow on the Wow factor.

    I have an idea that one of the abilities that the “bloated purple spiders of the vales” also called “Leng Spiders” take human brains and it attaches to the brain of the Leng Spider. Seems to boost their intelligence even more than what they already have.

    Considering how the Lengites over came them at one time in the past and only recently have the Leng Spiders returned to their vales near the valley table land, this is a survival strategy. But then the spiders of Leng over all aren’t like spiders of Earth. They tend to grow larger, smarter, have stingers and eat meat by biting chunks off and swallowing. Very unlike Terrestrial arinea and closer to carnivora. [See also the pseudo-spiders of the Vega star system. They are more like mammals than spiders.]

  9. Nice tongue jewelry.

  10. Anna is speaking in the NEB’s tongue.

  11. And let’s hope the NEB doesn’t try some tongue twisting.

  12. @ Night-Gaunt

    “When I see such things I wonder how evolution could produce such an ability, especially on such a large animal incongruously stuck in a cave.”

    Well, on a planet with (at least) three sentient species, with the two first not big on the talkative department (AFAIK, neither the crabs nor the tentacled pachyderms uttered any sound, at least in the human range of audition), one can imagine that a species developing a tongue* allowing it to communicate with a member of another species would get a survival edge.
    A number of animals on this planet seem to have developed communication systems not based on sound; a talking-through tongue may be weird, but not that much weirder than knitting crustaceans.

    *tongue, saliva, extruded biogel, psychic ectoplasme, whatever it is.

    Paranoid thought: four-eyes above is actually just a predator. His tongue forces a captured prey to emit friendly sounds – friendly from the prey’s species perspective -, and thus allows it to approach more preys.

  13. I’m thinking it it drilled a hole in Anna’s skull and installed a direct neural link/override nerve cluster. I’m also strongly suspecting that this place is full of bioengineered critters.

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