Happy Monday!

And to start it off right: over the weekend, I received a starred review from Kirkus for my upcoming graphic novel “Little Dee and the Penguin” due out from Penguin/Dial on April 5th. Which is pretty dang exciting.

Available for pre-sale everywhere, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’slocal Independents, etc.

01/11/16 Underground 09

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  1. And putting toaster on the side to make a grilled cheese sandwich…

  2. About those life hacks – lots of them are TOTALLY bogus. I tried the toasted cheese sandwich/toaster on the side thing – cheese dripped onto elements (which doesn’t happen if you leave it upright to warm your already-made sandwich, which I’d done in the past, as any dripped cheese goes more-or-less harmlessly out the bottom where there are NOT hot wires)…

    Fire. LOTS OF FIRE!!! Burning cheese, tons of smoke… MELTED TOASTER, completely ruined, CORD BURNED OFF.

    Almost caught the cabinets on fire.

    do NOT do this!

    *Also, when trying a new project WITH ELECTRICITY – ALWAYS MONITOR IT – do not turn it on and wander off to get some eggnog!

  3. To be able to fix a toaster is actually a very important skill to have. If this Hishla learns it, humanity is doomed.

    (serendipity: I discovered the game “Wasteland 2” recently. Plenty of toasters to fix)

  4. Kerin Schiesser thanks for the warning. I was going to try it today. Not anymore. Thanks!

  5. Guys, just get a toaster oven.

  6. M.A., that’s just cheating. And if you get a toaster oven, they you’ll just have to answer the challenge of cooking a whole chicken in the toaster oven.

    (The proof of this will be left to the student.)

  7. People – seriously, it’s _that_ hard to just cook the thing in a pan?

  8. You know, Helianthus’ comment in the previous post about the number of sentient species on this planet, plus today’s discussions of toaster repair, made me think of something:

    Maybe this planet is the dumping ground for their species’ equivalents of hair stylists and telephone handset sanitizers. Recall Teapot’s conversation with the people in the bar before going to free Anna (In The Canteen 01 and 02).

  9. Well Mouse, no, but doing new things sometimes is neat. Not going to torch my toaster though…

  10. @ Muzhik

    Now that’s an interesting hypothesis. Also, 42.

    Although I doubt Hishla is a telephone handset sanitizer. Using its telephone handset (well, mouthset?) like this doesn’t look very hygienic. I mean, at some point it may have to put it back in its mouth*, and you never know where these aliens have been.
    * unless this gel-like extrusion simply fall off once no more in use.

    Maybe Hishla is a hair stylist? This translucent thingy may double as hair shampoo and conditioner.
    Well, I hope so. If not, Anna will want to wash her hair once this ordeal is finished.

  11. Eh, wait a minute.
    Reading again the early parts of the comics. Foxglove met this guy while visiting her sister at the clinic:

    He is talking about having his head surrounded by something and meeting some ugly very talkative thing.
    Why does this sound familiar?

  12. That is indeed familiar. And is this also going to make Anna bald? Does the goo disolve hair and kill the follicles?

  13. Anna the remote space alien meat puppet? Ouch. Uninstalling hijacker bio-malware is goona be interesting.

  14. @Muzhik, Toaster Oven

    I’ve tried this a few times, but usually end up having to baste like a madwoman to avoid making a mess.

    It actually works very nicely for broiling steak, though.

  15. @0z79, broiling steak, fer shure yah. But didn’t you have to pound the chicken flat to get it to fit in the toaster oven?

    Cutting it into pieces first is just cheating (again). Cutting the chicken into pieces first and using a plain toaster? That’s epic, and worthy of a YouTube video!

    (Hint: use one of those new-fangled toasters with the wide openings designed to take bagels.)

    (P.S. If you try this and burn down your house, I’ve never met you and certainly know nothing of this web comic. Don’t even know what a web comic is. Dad-gummed kids without the sense that God gave a goose. Get off my lawn!)

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