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01/15/16 Underground 11

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  1. See? Full medical.

  2. So what I’m saying is you need to kill a Ktauwk… to get at their teeth, let’s go with that. And yes, get into their lair. Incidentally you’re going to have to kill more of them to get there.

    (While I may have flunked my introductory courses in xeno-medicine and high energy mineralogy, the Ktauwks have once swindled my great grandmother out of our pet knitting crab and I have suffered from a cold for centuries for want of scarves and legwarmers. Vengeance!)

  3. Go kill my enemy and turn it into medicine? Sounds legit from an alien parasite that lives in a cave that happens to mysteriously knows human physiology. Yup. Free hugz as well no doubt.

  4. Does it have to be the tooth from a live Kthauwk? Couldn’t they just sneak into the secret Kthauwk graveyard caverns and pry a tooth from a Kthauwk skeleton?

  5. Remember that this guy likes to kill off the primary protagonists.

  6. Y’all gotta go kill yerselves some giant turducken, steal its toof, and snag the fuel ya need to feed the ship’s drive. Thet don’ sound too difficult now, do it?

  7. And then you should baste yourself in a garlic pepper oregano butter poultice. Oh and salt as well. Oh and the treatment requires you to tie yourself up.

  8. The tooth has to be fresh so no grave robbing. Also this creature just may memorized whatever it finds in intelligent brains so it could be past memory or inside Ana Galactic’s mind. It has total recall of everything in Ana’s brain. Neat eh?

    Just slay one of the apex predators of this world that no one has ever done, get a tooth, then ground it up mixed with the purple mineral (how much of each?) then the red head is cured. Unfortunately.

  9. But they don’t actually need the Lauridium. That was the story propagated by the Ship’s Captain, who threw Anna’s parents in jail, remember?

  10. Or Night Gaunt that creature is lying and hopes that teapot and foxglove is gullible.

  11. Yes there is a chance the creature knows how to lie and will do so to them.

  12. Or maybe creatures such as this have already taken control of the crew and that’s why they are stranded.

  13. @Night-Gaunt, the actual amount of the crushed tooth doesn’t matter. She doesn’t ingest it, she makes a poultice out of it, i.e., maybe mixed with water to form a paste which is smeared on the wound and held in place by a bandage.

    You need to learn to make a mustard plaster.

  14. One of the best lines I ever read, from Fred Brown’s Martians Go Home; “Yes, I CAN lie!” (The Martians have been telling embarrassing truths for a while by then; logicians spin, hovering…)

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