All good brawls should start on Monday.

I’m visiting friends in the New England area. I won’t manage to see everyone, but for me it’s both desirable and important to see everyone. And then…. back to living on the road.

01/18/16 Underground 12

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  1. If you’re in the Hartford area this week, I’d like to treat you to a local pub for dinner some day after work. (Except for Thursday.)

  2. That is quite the monologue for an object being thrown no more than three meters as hard as someone could.

  3. OK, so Hishla is not a hair stylist, just a brain guzzler. Glad that was cleared.

    “For you kind, it appears to be that way”. Um, filling this under “to be investigated after Anna is rescued”.

    Wait, city brethren? Oh, that city. Explains a lot. And raises more questions, like “are there more of these mind-reapers around?”

    @ Herandar

    Eh, talking is a free action 🙂

  4. @Herandar

    Maybe he’s just talking very, very fast. He is a robot after all!

    Of course, after years of reading Spider-Man comics where Pete and Harry talk about high school while falling from a skyscraper.. it barely fazes me. 😀

  5. Hmmm, while she/he/it is built rather differently, Hishla has the requisite number of eyes, tentacles, and perhaps legs compared to the NEBs we’ve seen in the city.

    Christopher has an evolutionary back-story for us, it seems, as with (knitting) crabs and Ktauwks. Or the NEBs we’ve seen openly in the city are like worker bees, and Hishla represents Queen caste, to take an Earth analogy.

    This would go at least some way towards explaining why Hishla’s kind has this rather useful talent of controlling other beings presumably with hormone secretions and such.

  6. The unreliable cutter is back!

  7. Doesn’t sound like a hive, more like loosely grouped individuals. Reminds me of the city vs the pastoral Wolfen. More to feed on in the city but one must bolt it down fast. In the country one can savor for a bit. Mmmm a buffet of brains! (As said by the mutated human/spider hybrid Dr. H. Neugog* who sucked the intelligence out of humans. (Though in his case technology was there to reload all those he had stolen from.) Not so here.

    * From the cartoon “Big Guy & Rusty”

  8. Talking truly is a free action.

  9. Nathanyel Don’t let Deadpool know that.

  10. Chekhov’s cutter makes its triumphal re-appearance!

  11. Andreas – I’m guessing the “city brother” was the one in that shell thing, that we thought was going to execute Teapot – that also had tentacles.

    So the city NEBs (the cubic-headed ones) are using the alien equivalent of feeding criminals to the lions….wonder if they started doing that to prevent the things just roaming around and eating whoever they caught?

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