01/25/16 Underground 15

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  1. The punchline is that they immediately flee through the lake, and Hishla gets to keep Pewter.

  2. Anna doesn’t have three side-kicks, she has three front-kicks. I’ve been boggled since the beginning about why this is named after her.

  3. @Brian I think TV Tropes would label her “The Load”. Someone completely essential for one very important thing, but incompetent to the point of endangering themselves or others.

    And like any character of this type, growth and development are extremely satisfying to see. 🙂

  4. So they are just going to let Anna drown? Tossing her in the lake is rather dangerous. What am I missing here?

  5. I still want a pottybot/nannybot crossover fanfic.

  6. @Brian, it isn’t always the role, sometimes it can be the growth. She started off as a novel-reading kid afraid of her own shadow, and this story is the story of her and her inner growth arc towards action/confidence/etc. So, to end big with a growth story, you need to start small.

    And Teapot and Foxglove are somewhat static, their growth is about their storyline, and how their relationship grows.

  7. And Teapot and Foxglove are somewhat static

    Quite, you have only thrown the one afraid of flying on an alien glider, mortally wounded the other one by nudist crab-stabbing, and are forcing both out of their comfort zone (themselves) and work together in their little posse. All in a days work for a story-teller 😉

  8. @Andreas, what are you talking about? I don’t see Pewter being forced out of HIS comfort zone?

    (Does Pewter HAVE a comfort zone? Or would that consist of being pushed off the edge of the world counting all the turtles all the way down?)

  9. @ Muzhik
    I think Pewter’s comfort zone only encompasses whatever he is carrying in those handy drawers… but their contents may have shifted in flight.

  10. Is Anna breathing?

  11. @Andreas Nanny-bot drawers are packed by weight not by volume. Some settling of contents may occur in shipping.

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