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01/22/16 Underground 14

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  1. The unreliable cutter works? Odd.

  2. Purplehair Eyescar, of course.

  3. @Herandar, I should have thought of Purplehair Eyescar first!! 🙂

  4. Like cutting jello with a butter knife.

  5. Like cutting phlegm with a vibro-knife. I like how you framed each part of the fight, the rolling of the gigantic creature in such small spaces yet keeping the center in all panels. Very nice rolling effect.

  6. psst….Chris… need omit one ‘m’ from “omission”

  7. Thank you, @Mouse. I’ll have my workstation in again in 2-3 days. I hope hope hope I manage to remember.

  8. Reading this again… Anna’s sister? Did I miss something? 😀 Or did you mean Foxglove’s sister? 😛

  9. Yup! My mistake. Should be “Foxglove’s sister” Will try to remember to fix it.

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