01/29/16 Underground 17

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  1. Foxglove got in some serious pain to day. Instead of cutting the slime connexion, she slices off one of the face tentacles. Ouch! Good move!

  2. Not many friends?

    Yes, you do, and most of them imaginary! *Pats on the back* 😉

    Good action scene!

  3. Let’s just “hope” that he’s waterproof.

  4. So that cutter runs on dramatic tension, does it? Only works when they really REALLY need to cut something

  5. @SomeGuy411, yes, it does run on that. I only wish my car had the same sense of “dramatic tension.”

  6. SomeGuy411 well, did foxglove do maintenance on the cutter or was she being mean and turning the cutter off and on to annoy Teapot? Suspect the latter.

  7. And the date on this one (2016/2/29) may be screwing-up the RSS feed…

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