02/01/16 Underground 18

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  1. Wait, what? Wasn’t she stabbed in the left leg?

  2. You might want to update the copyright to 2016?

  3. @PBARNROB: She was. See, in the fourth panel? (Pay no attention to the fifth panel. It’s a dream flashback. Yeah, that’s it.)

    I hope Pewter’s grapple is in good working order.

  4. Sergeant Joe Monday with the Punctuation and Spelling PD, Apostrophe Squad. There’s been a violation. Last panel, improper pluralization.

  5. Four Ophelias!

  6. @PBarnRob

    Yes, the wound was to her left leg, and so were the bandages up to #8.

    From #12#16 the bandages are missing.

    Only to reappear here in #17 (magically on her right leg).

    Either the story is told from Foxglove’s point of view who cannot be bothered to attend to the nuisance of being (mortally) wounded in the heat of the battle…

    Or perhaps they shot the scenes out of order or did retakes on the non-action scenes later on and so committed a small continuity mistake when prepping the actor ;-)…

    At any rate, the (supporting) heroine is clearly above such trifles: Meh, it’s just a flesh wound!

  7. I’ll see if I can dig in (and get the Internet) to fix the bandages (and apostrophe) today. Just silly mistakes on my part, and I appreciate the notice. 🙂

  8. O dang, I can’t do my usual “How many Ophelia’s what’s?” joke.

  9. Unconscious people underwater begin to drown right away because they keep breathing. And how is a metal robot going to swim?

  10. @gnarlydoug: With its arms and legs, obviously.

    Good joke, Nannybot.

  11. “Gosh, I thought my lungs were going to burst!”

    All good comics should contain this sentence at least once.

  12. There is the reason why one person shouldn’t be proof reader to their own material. I have a devil of a time myself. Glad it is all in good humor. Because if they want to rip at you they always go for the lowest hanging fruit.

    I liked how we didn’t need any talking or thinking and just look at it and it really did look like under water. Good work sir.

  13. All should be updated.

    Thanks, @Night_Gaunt!

  14. @GnarlyDoug
    Anna already had oxygenated fluid in her lungs from Hishla’s saliva. It kept her from having to breathe until it dissolved enough for her to have to breathe, which was long enough to reach the well.

  15. What happened to good old ‘Gaaaasp!’?
    And of course to ‘a well shaft? This place SUCKS’.

  16. Good thing the special effects crew managed to fix the continuity glitches in post-processing so the actors don’t have to do more retakes on those scenes.

    Quick work, too 😉 – I get the sense that more and more work is shifted towards the digital artists…

  17. @minando, would you prefer an UN-WELL shaft? That’s just sick. 🙂

  18. I see, so the wrap just fell off before and everything adds up. Very good.

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