02/05/16 Underground 20

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  1. Pull the bucket up and leave.

  2. Think multiple pieces and multiple trips?

    Never mind.

  3. You can fit ON the bucket.

  4. @coyoty

    Or stand IN it, while bear-hugging the rope and holding onto Ana.

  5. Coyoty, Foxglove knows that. She’s being evil.

  6. @KNO3
    You call that evil? Where is the (vertical) red carpet? For shame, sir.

    Now that Teapot is in courtship mode (while scavenging for teeth of dangerous predators on an alien planet) she certainly should expect more from him!

  7. Which NEB species built this well? And how long before they attack?

  8. Tie the rope around Anna, and then hold on and help Teapot raise the two of them out of the pit.

    I’ve been doing this kind of logic puzzle since I was a kid.

  9. The joke is that the hole was conveniently supplied with not only a rope, but a windlass. Foxglove just supplied the punchline (see also “I had a hat.”) and you can tell from her expression that it was irresistible.

  10. Why was the bucket on at all? Cut it off (with sufficient lead to reattach later, lest innocent NEBs who depend in this well go thirsty), and send the rope down already fashioned into a sling-loop. Foxglove already has enough to contend with, just keeping Anna’s head above water, without needing an extra hand or two to do fashion the rope into something usable…

  11. He can’t pull them both up. Tie Anna to it and hoist her up then Foxglove can come up standing in the bucket.

  12. Heh, Foxglove, always the tease… Gotta get her jab in. Plus she’s got to make up for that flash romantic moment with something snide, can’t be getting all emotional ya’ know.

  13. Strength is an issue that seems to be ignored here . . .

  14. Foxglove looks much happier now to be back in her snarky element.

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