02/08/16 Underground 21

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  1. “… he’s occasionally not completely useless”?

  2. They might need to throw him at someone else.

  3. Anna brought him, and she’s unconscious so she can’t give us permission to leave him behind.

  4. He grows on you, like a fine mold?

  5. He’s afraid of what will happen if Hishla tries to mind-meld with Pewter. Sure, Hishla is a brain-sucking thought vampire who tried to destroy Anna; still, the thought of what Pewter’s mind would do to him …

    No sapient being should have to go through that.

  6. Yeah, this comic would never be the same without Pewter and his canny comments…

  7. Um…what happened to the nice, convenient windlass in the previous comic?

  8. TB, it was rusted shut, it wasn’t built for humans to operate, it didn’t actually provide any additional leverage, or Teapot is a bit stupid.

  9. Pewter can be disassembled for cordage (the wires), his battery can be used to start a fire. And he self transports.

  10. Yeah, I decided not to use the windlass. Might go back and remove it at some point.

  11. Chris, not that this comic is all about realism, but an ex-military guy would never pull a rope like that. The easiest way to draw it (and the simplest way to pull but not the best) would be to loop it around his back then pull by walking backwards. That way if the rope can’t slip since it is looped around him. Also, your legs are way stronger and you can just walk back with your legs and it will cause a lot less pressure on your back. Sorry, as an old military guy, I saw the picture and shook my head.

  12. I also noted that the windlass doesn’t come with an accompanying pulley hanging over the well opening. This means that the rope has to be pulled over the bare rock. Maybe that’s not enough to wear it out when lifting water (although at 8lbs/gal at Earth-normal weight, that’s still not something to take lightly. So to speak.) but it’s a heckuva lot to lift by hand, and the windlass isn’t THAT efficient without it.

    Also, the pool where the well rests isn’t in the same chamber as Hishla’s chamber, otherwise they could have walked/run there, hoping that Hishla couldn’t squeeze through whatever opening there is between the chambers. I’ll wager that Hishla’s mass and body structure work against his/hers/its being a swimmer, so Hishla didn’t follow them. Which means Teapot has to quietly lower himself into the water, emerge quietly into Hishla’s chamber, hope that Hishla is still there to provide some light, and hope that Hishla doesn’t notice him while Pewter is rescued, all while Pewter issues a running commentary/complaint that boils down to, “Don’t look here! Don’t look here!”


  13. Also, I noticed the copyright date at the top of the comic says “2015”. Not sure how copyright works in this medium or when that comic was actually drawn/inked/extruded electronically, but you should probably change that to 2016.

    (I’ll bet you’ve moved to paying all your bills entirely by debit card so you don’t have to remember to write the new year on your checks. I know it worked for me.)

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