02/10/16 Underground 22

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  1. Maybe Pewter has one of those arms that can extend long distances so he can grapple and pull himself up, and he’s just not using it to see if he’ll get rescued by the others.

  2. There’s no double ‘c’ in “acoustics”.

  3. Maybe he should have lowered himself on the rope?

  4. @Frith Ra: Obviously he’s climbing so as to show off.

  5. Not only has Christopher removed the convenient windlass, he apparently also took the rope with it just to make Teapot’s life more difficult. It’s like the cartoon “Duck Amuck.”

  6. As for why Teapot is going down, the answer is simple:

    “No man left behind.”

    (Even if that man is a very annoying nanny-bot.)

  7. I guess he wants his misery index higher.

  8. Comic doesn’t seem to be showing up for me?

  9. Great. Now it’s showing up after I made that comment…

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