02/15/16 Underground 24

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  1. If you don’t want to look like a baby, then don’t suddenly eject things from your body when you’re being held in someone’s arms.

  2. You scratch my back and I’ll rappel us out of here.

  3. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. If all you have is a nanny-bot…

  4. @Coyoty, snort! 🙂

    Oh, and I keep meaning to mention, I am here, reading every comment. But where I am staying this month does not have internet, and so my ability to respons or make fixes quickly etc is extremely limited. Hi! 🙂

  5. You’re always reading? O.o

    Then I’ll refrain from being such a misanthropic wisacre. :p

  6. Phew!

    I was rather worried that Pewter would think of his grapple sooner, and Teapot would meet it coming up while he was going down.

    “Died ingloriously by accidental harpooning.” What a thing for a war-hero to have on his memorial stone.

  7. Which means that Pewter could get out on its own!

  8. @Night_Gaunt, well, I imagined that the drag of having to shoot the grappling hook through 40 feet of water would keep him from getting himself out. Thus, he actually DID need to be saved.

    Not that this couldn’t be argued, but it was my thinking on the subject.

  9. Mythbusters showed that bullets fired into water will slow to a stop or disintegrate within a few feet, so a grapple probably wouldn’t get very far. (Search “mythbusters bullets water”.)

  10. I like how the grapple hook comes out of a very small drawer on his chest.

    A very small drawer, indeed.

  11. @Frith_Ra, in dungeons and dragons I believe that is referred to as a small drawer of holding.

  12. You’re right Chris, forgot about that part though maybe Pewter needs to get flotation devices installed next time? (No, because then you will never need them again.)
    Good stuff this story and characters.

  13. Dang – that’s one strong pulley system, must have very firm internal attachments – Teapot must way quite a bit more than the normal-sized kid Pewter would have been designed to rescue.

    Then again, he probably has to function in all gravities – so maybe he’s rigged for rescuing kids on Jupiter.

  14. _weigh_ more. I can spell, honest!

  15. @Coyote Supersonic bullets, unless they’re a monolithic type made of solid copper or brass, will break up in a very short distance when fired into water. (Mythbusters only tested jacketed lead bullets in that episode.)

    Their first test was building a 10 foot tall plastic tank then firing a 9mm jacketed round nose bullet down into it. IIRC it not only penetrated the block of ballistic gel at the bottom of the tank, it went through the bottom of the tank.

    Then they tried a shotgun slug and the shockwave split the narrow tank apart, so they went looking for a swimming pool to fire at an angle into.

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