02/17/16 Underground 25

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  1. Hishla’s wasting its time sucking one brain dry at a time. It can open a club where people will pay to have it suck on their brains for a little bit, and it will get an unending tasting menu of different minds. Nobody gets hurt, Hishla gets popular, and there’ll be no need for kidnapping and killing. Unless there’s a NEB mindsucking cartel, then they might have a problem with it.

  2. Foxglove’s freckles have cleared up. Huh.

  3. @KNO3, There’s something in the water that clears up excess skin melanin.

  4. I’m confused. She still has freckles in every panel. Am I missing something?

  5. I see them, they just seem maybe a little smaller today.

  6. I think the freckles were just more prominent when her hair was wet.

  7. Month long bender. Hmm… without the bend. Ych.

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