03/09/16 Respite 08

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  1. dang, “we” are the Berserkers :{

  2. @notStanley, I’m thinking more like “Ender’s Game”

  3. That’s when I learned my lesson and vowed to never provoke a NEB species by, say, setting them on fire and resisting due process when arrested in their jurisdiction by stealing and crashing on of their vehicles?

  4. @Andreas, Oh, yeah! Like YOU’VE never had a wild time in Vegas, or shown the Minnesota Highway Patrol the real meaning of “weekend getaway”!

    Not that I would ever admit to doing anything like that. Not until the statute of limitations runs out in a couple of years, anyway.

  5. Oh, that genocide thing. That was what we call shore leave.

  6. @Muzhik

    What’s the status of limitations for cutting through someone’s soft parts with a laser cutter?

    “Your honor, I needed to kill this alien for medicinal purposes… No not for me, for a friend”.

    “I admit to lighting him up – but I didn’t inhale.”

    Let’s hope they have a faster drive than the starway patrol…

  7. And if you haven’t started an intergalactic war you are not partying hard enough.

  8. @Andreas, per your quote: Let’s hope they have a faster drive than the starway patrol…

    I present to you (drum roll)Greased Dark Light Speed!

    @KNO3, I fear the Eebs would agree with you…

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