03/11/16 Respite 09

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  1. Huh. So fork in an outlet times … 100?

  2. And the outlet is tingly. That came out wrong.

  3. “into the me”???

  4. @VINCENTG: It’s an EST thing.

  5. … and thus the diplomatic office had to again put in overtime to smooth over yet another thermonuclear nanny-bot incident. Relations in the local group are strained.

  6. So does this mean the smallest of cracks in the ice between them? Foxglove and Teapot that is.

  7. @nightgaunt49, There hasn’t been ANY ice between Foxglove and Teapot. More of a Chinese-made piece of drywall, the crumbly kind.

  8. This is the most weird loving couple I have ever seen.

  9. @minando, you don’t watch a lot of rom-coms, do you?

  10. Muzhik, rom-coms? They have fallen that much? I used to see this verbal abuse stuff on divorce court. One party or both constantly insults the other, verbal sadism at it’s finest!

  11. @KNO3, No! Your typical rom-com of this sort start with an apple paired with an orange (so to speak). You know they are going to get together because the don’t seem to be able to stop the verbal dueling. Everyone else around them will know that they are REALLY attracted to each other, yet for some reason (essential to plot development) they can’t admit the attraction until too late.

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