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03/14/16 Respite 10

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  1. So, Anna’s body is with Foxglove and Teapot, but her mind may still be with Hishla. Or she’s got a Hishla mindclone in her head. Or they have a telepathic connection.

    Shall we hear her voice but not her words? See her actions but not her will? Did she get away in time? Is she stuck inside with Hishla, or is it stuck inside with her?

  2. Ah, yes voices in her head. Huh. Maybe though quantum entanglement. Neural hacking is possible then.

  3. Or more simply this is a flashback. Telling both views of the story at the same time would have been confusing and difficult to draw.

  4. He done been shrunk!

  5. Or she done been growed!

  6. Or they are in the mindscape.

  7. With her self esteem??

  8. mmm I imagine If Ana wakes up, due to the contact with Hishla, she will have the ability to communicate with the nebs…

  9. @Karlos F. Oooo! Yes! And then the NEBs will be forced to kill her, as her not-shape and not-speech will mark her as a threat! She will be saved by a rush of the knitting crabs who owe the humans a hospitality debt! Hilarity ensues.

  10. Or the whole place is “networked.”

  11. @coyoty:
    mindclone in head? Any farscape fans around??

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