Although my days are spent writing and drawing, I also need reference photos. Last night I needed some from the local pub the “Cosmopolitan” (honestly, as the piece I’m doing is about my stay in this fair town of Blairmore), and so Cedra and I walked for a drink, a few pictures of inside the pub, and then home again. The sun had been down around a half hour, but the sky was still a magnificent blue.



03/25/16 Respite 15

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  1. Anna already has a nanny with her that’s a risk to her life. Having another wouldn’t be helping.

  2. I finished your comic yesterday, I am enjoying it. Do you have a cast page, I am not very good with names and I read about 20 comics, that it would really help.

  3. Beautiful photo.

  4. @Jon, I don’t, but I should! I’ll put it on the “to do” list. 🙂

  5. Bartender, I need this beer FOR RESEARCH!!!

  6. Fortunately I have a research budget. Although I’m not sure I’ll be balssy enough to try to write it off on my taxes. 😉

  7. Jon only reads about 20 comics? I find myself wanting to call him a piker. I’ve got over 100 on my list. Though this is one of my first go to comics.

  8. @Christopher, make sure it’s a local/artisan brew, and write a review. Then you can write it off on your taxes.

  9. And post a pic.

  10. Nice to see she chooses to risk her own life herself. What a radical idea!

  11. @KNO3, If he’s going to go through the hassle of posting a pic, he should probably also give the establishment itself a rating. Or two. Or even three. The usual stuff: friendliness of the staff, cleanliness of the toilets, the quality of the beer nuts on the bar, the hotness of the staff, etc.

  12. Muzhik, I was thinking of the pic of the beer. Establishment? Yeah that’s a good idea as well.

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