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03/28/16 Respite 16

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  1. Soooo… Is this just Foxglove? Or is her body chemistry changing due to her wound over time?

  2. She wasn’t this nasty before the crab jab. I’m not sure Hishla’s prognosis is reliable, though. How could it know how crabs would affect humans and how to treat it? Have other humans encountered crabs and tried tooth serums?

  3. I think that the tooth serum might be a lie or what the locals use to treat injuries. Teeth is just calcium salts right, so maybe you can cure the crabs with limestone or something.

  4. These two so need to find a room and have sex.

  5. True, but Teapot seems to be sane, so hopefully, no.

  6. They take turns being sane. If they ever manage to achieve sanity at the same time, they might actually get somewhere…

  7. I haven’t checked previous comments, so maybe someone else has already noted this, but we’ve already seen one source of kthauwk teeth that don’t require going into a kthauwk nest. πŸ™‚

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