Happy April Fools to all you fools, like me, out there. <3

04/01/16 Respite 18

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  1. If this is a psychic bond, I wonder if Degray will be joining them sometime. It would depend on if he’d met Hishla, or if Hishla’s brethren are linked together if Degray was lollied by someone else. We may see if Degray is actually being controlled, or he’s just blaming his psychic partner for his own behavior.

    If Hishla tries to take over Anna’s mind and body, it might find the link works both ways, and start raving about the alien trying to possess IT.

  2. Or it could be quantum entanglement communications.

  3. Oh, this is getting too interesting…

    And adding what coyoty says gets it more interesting.

  4. @Coyote, is you go to Underground 12 ( you’ll see that DeGray was psychic-vampired by a group of Hishla’s city brethren. They were not so … restrained … in their treatment of DeGray.

  5. Oooooo, I love the idea of Anna turning the tables on Hishla and controlling _him_! I wonder if she can start investigating his memories – at the very least, it might help them understand what the deal is with all the different alien species – who is likely to be friendly, what the taboos are, what the deal is with the jellyfish-things….

  6. Anna could back track to Hishla’s own mind and poke around. Maybe learn a few things about mind-to-mind contact. That would be a nice turn.

  7. And find out how many other humans have been compromised.

  8. But KN03, it can’t be quantum entanglement communication. What about the No-Communication Theorem?
    Oh wait. This is not hard SF. It’s fun SF. I could be any explanation that helps suspend disbelief.

  9. Ah, true nightgaunt49. However I think there is a loop hole in that theory, though what it is I don’t know.

  10. I’m not sure we’ve yet seen definite proof that there is telepathic communication between Hishla and Anna over distance. All we know is that Hishla “left something behind” in Anna(‘s brain), as she is changed after their contact.

    What was left behind does not necessarily have to be a conduit (however that would work? radio waves?). It could be more like a “local version” of Hishla functioning as a foothold, for all we know the real Hishla may still need physical contact to get access.

    In this case Anna would be not far off the mark in calling the apparition a “dream” or “her imagination” after all, although it might be charitable to still speak of “her” sub-conscious at this point.

    At this level of contact the alien invasion gets rather personal (but without all that blood sputtering out of someone’s belly). But I’m not sure new physical principles are necessarily required to achieve the neuro-engineering equivalent of “demonic possession”.

    Not really sure which scenario Anna would prefer (telepathy or “local copy”) and what the long-term consequences of “being connected” are. Is DeGray still “possessed” or “merely” paranoid after the ordeal?

  11. Good point andreas.

  12. Targ Collective

    Hmm. April fools day. So… Is this just a sick joke (or is it double-bluff fool?)

  13. Targ Collective

    Of course, various mystics claim the body has different ‘layers’ not all of which can be seen… Possibly they are connected through these layers… In which case, even death of the physical body will be enough to free her… a disturbing thought.

  14. Targ Collective

    Damn it, I meant *not* enough to free her. But really, who knows?

  15. “you have a barrier between the part of your brain which ‘dreams’ and when it doesn’t dream.”
    “you have a barrier between the part of your brain which ‘dreams’ and the one which does not.”

    Cool comic, btw; I just read through the archive!

  16. I don’t know if Degray will be joining them soon, but she may be joining Degray…

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