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04/04/16 Respite 19

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  1. “Think about it… I’ll help you… You won’t even notice…”

  2. Maybe this is why the Captain and officers don’t want to leave the planet, they’ve already been got at mentally.

  3. Is he shorter than I had thought, or is it just the dreamscape making things relative?

  4. Hishla is shorter in the dreamscape. 🙂

  5. Between the alien influence, the lack of sleep, the alien landscape, the quarrels in the splintering group, the vague mission(s) and lack of supplies driving a sense of urgency, not to mention the spiral of self-doubt about what’s real and what isn’t fueled by all of those… Anna is certainly going to enjoy her vacation on Leisure Planet XLVIII (c) – the planet neither you nor your captain will want to leave ever again ™.

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