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04/06/16 No Man’s Land 01

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  1. Sure. Just ask Foxglove to put insanity and dying on hold for a few years.

  2. Sounds like a plan Coyoty.

  3. Can they live off the land for years? Will eating the local equivalent of berries and mushrooms lead them to experience the colorful vegetation in even more colors? Only one way to find out (yumm yumm).

    On the plus side, they did not bring spare sets of clothes which makes them easier to draw!

  4. Chris

    Your robot made me laugh. I LAUGHED.
    What is wrong, I don’t even…

  5. “No man’s land 1”. Well, that’s ominous….pretty clouds, though.

  6. @Mouse Then Teapot is doomed. Anna, Foxglove and Pewter will be fine. Doesn’t say no woman’s land or no robot’s land.

  7. @Galane, I was going to say that it was undoubtedly a land populated by Amazons (the Linda Carter-Wonder Woman type, not the Jeff Bezos type) (eeew!)

    (I was originally thinking it was like a Beatles song, until I realized it was “No Man’s Land” not “Nowhere Man”. Although it would be cool and oddly surreal to encounter Jeremy Hillary Boob PhD. from “Yellow Submarine”.)

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