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04/11/16 No Man’s Land 03

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  1. Maybe they can cure Foxglove. Maybe Hishla doesn’t want them to know that. Its response to whether Teapot was captured because he killed a jelly was essentially, “Yeah… Okay.” And mini-Hishla was surprised they would take it seriously about confronting the khawk. I wouldn’t trust anything Hishla says.

  2. Ohhh… terraformer.

  3. Wait. And that looks like earth grass, not alien grass. And that tentacled thing is compatible with human DNA, as it can heal humans. And the humans have a facility called the farm. It’s a colony ship, not a crashed ship.

  4. But can it cure the robot’s attitude?

  5. I’d just like to point out that turning desert into grassland isn’t curing anything, it’s just changing one habitat into another. It’s this sort of thinking that makes people undervalue desert despite the rich and amazing life that can be found there.

  6. @Sengkelat, excellent point, except this is a damaged dead area, not a normal desert. Yes, deserts are amazingly full of life. And desserts are hopefully full of chocolate.

  7. Ok, I’m stumped. What does she mean “cured my hand”?
    The only time I remember them encountering one of those things it was trying to suck her otherwise fine hand into itself and that was painful. Her hand only got damaged when they had to ignite the jellypuff to get her loose and she got burned.
    I went back through the archives, and I saw no indication that there was anything wrong with her hand prior to getting burned.
    Am I missing something (if so, please link me to it), or was something left out somewhere along the line?

  8. Reminds me of the “motes” in that Dr. Who episode “In the Forest of the Night” last seasib when these small ancient beings could create then uncreate a forest over night. Some high level Terraforming or in this case Xenoforming. Starts on the sub-atomic level and moves upward in complexity. Very sophisticated.

  9. Ah, I didn’t realize/remember it was a damaged area. (Wait, do you have a link for that too?)

    And I prefer my desserts to be full of fruit and browned butter, but I’m not picky when it comes to sweets.

  10. @Sengkelat, I didn’t specify that in the comic, but it was true in my mind (I also love how much life is in the desert). But I will work it in.

  11. If you’re going to go about healing the land, willy-nilly right and left, you may as well populate it with one more species. I nominate the Shmoo from “Li’l Abner”

  12. Thank you! I see why I missed it now, it happened after the thing was burnt to a lump.

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