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04/13/16 No Man’s Land 04

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  1. Well where did she hide that little device? Hammer Space? No,her back pack. And even the robot’s a critic! Music to soothe the savage jelly?

  2. WOW is that one massive bullseye on her back!

  3. @Nightfaunt49, you do know that flutes come apart into sections, yes?

    @0Z79, don’t forget, she didn’t dress that morning planing to go up against alien races, a bullseye is only a bullseye if you are at war.

  4. … a bullseye is only a bullseye if you are at war.

    Or if you’re, like, playing a live-action version of “The Hunter”. You know, the version where the rabbits are armed with knives and all the prey get to fight back? It’s the Constitutional Version. The version that guarantees the right to …

    … arm bears.

  5. I get that reaction a lot when I play my flute.

  6. @Nightguant49

    Flutes like that typically break down into 3rds or so. They’re a 3-part instrument. They’re actually pretty small to carry when broken down.

  7. T-former.

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