04/20/16 No Man’s Land 07

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  1. Ah, the Jar Jar Binks strategy.

  2. Pity Teapot finally made his perception roll in the last page.

  3. Because it’s an action-comedy, and Teapot is lacking in comedic chops.

  4. They will be saved by the jelly. Senpai noticed Anna.

    I think the guy at the well betrayed them. It probably didn’t expect Foxglove would separate. If the jelly doesn’t intervene, she’ll have to come to the rescue.

  5. To be discreet is to be subtle.
    To be discrete is to be separate.
    They’re pronounced the same, though, so I’m not sure how Pewter knew that Dilvan didn’t mean to be subtle. Maybe he can read the word balloons?

  6. @Sengkelat, thanks! I had no idea they were two different words. huh. Will fix soon. 🙂

  7. @sengkelat voice recognition algorithms are much more sensitive in this alternate future…

  8. Pwyll – the algorithms may be more sensitive, but I doubt Pewter is…

  9. This is how I feel when one of the more advanced software programs that I use has a hair pulling bug.

  10. Pewter? Next time my swamp cooler needs percussive maintenance?

    Thinking of you, buddy.

  11. Hundreds on all sides? Even if hyperbole, you were not going to get away anyway.

  12. Hundreds? Not a problem. Small explosives doth cover many a sin.

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