04/22/16 No Man’s Land 08

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  1. Oh, the sacrifices Pewter makes to serve others!

  2. All of Hill City must be after them. It must be very bad etiquette to escape execution.

  3. For a short-legged little thing, Pewter keeps up amazingly well.

  4. Well Mouse, Pewter needs to keep up to Jar Jar Binks Teapot again. Teapot is still alive, see?

  5. Terry Pratchett quipped that a biped runner can outrun a quadruped over short distances, since the [horse] needs to sort out their legs first.

    And yes, Anna does not need to outrun the NEBs, only Pewter ;-). At least she’ll be free of one of the annoying voices in her head then.

    Now that the two major protagonists have or are about to get lost due to stubbornness and self-sacrifice, the titular hero can finally come out of the shadows?

  6. Wait … Teapot said they’re also be chased by crabs. If they’re the crabs Anna played for earlier, then maybe they’re fans! That’s it! The group is being pursued by fangirls who only want Anna’s autograph or scentgraph or whatever they put in their memory books! LOOK! IT’S ANNA! SQUEEEEE!

  7. >> chased by crabs

    Middle school nightmare…

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