A bunch of questions last strip. Sorry I’ve been so mum!

Many about the design of the alien, to which I have little good answer. Looks good, scary, and I know that if I were pressed to the wall I could make up a good explanation for it. Regarding the drum pattern, I prefer to leave much of the alien actions in the comic as a mystery (which is a major theme that the characters have discussed), but allow it to say that it is a form of communication for them.

Foxglove was not “removed” because of spotlight hogging. The brief separation is simply due to storytelling and charter development.

As far as my travels, yeah, I have been a bit quiet. Mostly because I’ve been working furiously non-stop. I just finished a 2-month art residency in Crowsnest Pass, an area in the southern Rockies of Alberta. Because of that I was working ALL the time for a couple months beforehand to get two months ahead on work. Much of this was done int he last place I was “living” in Glens Falls, NY. And then a month in Reno (Cedra, my romantic partner in crime, had an art show at the museum there).

Then I was working to create a comic of Cedra and my stay in Alberta. Tons of writing, photo referencing, pencilling, and inking. In the end it took the shape of 176 pages. All written and sourced, although only about 1/3 pencilled and inked.

Now I’m doing some visiting in the Pacific NW while getting back on the work track for Anna Galactic and Little Dee. About to spend 3 weeks holed up in a rental in Eugene OR for some more crunch-working. Then up to Vermont for about 3 months for more work (and another new project).

Anna Galactic is still slated to end in probably late August (give or take a month or so), so I’m also developing possible ideas for “what’s next,” including working on a script with Shaenon Garrity and also fiddling around with a possible concept for a Spacetrawler sequel (which I won’t do unless it feels really really good and right and fun).

The Little Dee book seemed to do well in its release. I don’t have any numbers, but I hope they’re good because my editors say they will commission a sequel if that is so. Any sales/promotion/reviews you do help that along. ๐Ÿ™‚

So yes, my apologies for being so distracted. it’s only been because I’ve been working hard. But I read EVERY comment and appreciate all the support. And I’ll try to be more present.

05/04/16 No Man’s Land 13

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  1. A comic with Shaenon Garrity?! Squeeeee! This pleases me! (I’ve been a reader/fanboy since her “Narbonic” days.)

  2. You’re going to be in Eugene?
    The massaman at Manalas is fantastic.
    If you like spicy, The Jail is really good, but take it to go.
    There’s a Voodoo Donuts.
    There’s other things around here obviously, but everybody eats, but beyond that, it’s guesswork unless you know the person. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Someone needs to show her some Circle of Life nature documentaries, stat.

  4. Wait ’till she learns how they make cheeseburgers… let alone how they get the rennet for the cheese.

  5. I can’t speak for Herandar, but my curiosity is satisfied. Thanks for taking a moment to send your nosy (I prefer concerned) readers an update. Here’s some inspiration for your busy self: Leonardo Da Vinci completed 30 works of art and 13,000 pages of sketches. Pablo Picasso completed 147,800 works of art, enough to fill The Louvre 4x+! You’re on track with the greats, Chris!

  6. including working on a script with Shaenon Garrity and also fiddling around with a possible concept for a Spacetrawler sequel (which I wonโ€™t do unless it feels really really good and right and fun).

    WANT (either or both)! Shaenon is one of my favourite webcomic artists/writers. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Lunch is served!

  8. This comic reminds me of Fantastic Planet, or Gandahar, or even Wizards.

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