05/02/16 No Man’s Land 12

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  1. Someone sounds kruhnky when he wakes up.

  2. Wouldn’t that creature tend to bite its own legs or feet? When it’s resting it looks like the teeth are resting right on the legs or feet. Nice monster, though!

  3. Extremities in teethed mouths. Why is this so common in SciFantasy? 😛 *goes to TVTropes to look for more examples*

  4. It looks like it has not opened its mouth yet, or the appendages may be it’s tongues….??

  5. Why are all fourteen eyes concentrated on one side? Why did that specific pattern need to be drummed when the drum is physically attached to the kruhnnnkksnik? Why is Chris so secretive over his nomadic travels this year after being so open last year? Was Foxglove removed from the strip because she was stealing the spotlight from the star the strip is named after? Who ate the last cookie? Will I carry this incessant questioning gag on too far? Does this dress make me look fat?

  6. I’m sorry Herandar, but yes, that dress is awful on you.

  7. Yes, Herandar, you voiced several of my questions, although I’ll stick to my original plan which was to compliment Chris on his opening, wide-angle, close-up panel. It gripped me, then made me smile when I moved to the next one. What an incredible clam-meets-crab-meets-rock creature! Can’t wait for the next one, Chris!

  8. Ha! Not at my computer. But not meaning to hide info. Wednesday I’ll spill. 🙂

  9. The real question is who was the first person to discover that particular drum pattern? Was there a researcher somewhere who kept hitting it until something happened?

    We’ve seen that the “drum” tentacle is used by the creature to drum on itself as a sound signal of some kind, but there are also probably signals used by one creature to directly communicate with another nearby creature by hammering on the other creature’s “drum.”

    Often, in life forms, ritual communication of this kind at close range is some kind of mating call.

    That crowd has no idea what they’re in for.

  10. @TB, so essentially, you’re saying that this group is … ahh …screwed?

    Or in military terms, a real charlie foxtrot.

  11. Answers: Because glowing eyes in the dark is a well-known visual symbol for the scary unknown.

    Dramatic tension.

    Because he has been promoting his book instead of chronicling his travels.




    No, the fat makes me look fat. The dress just makes me look uncomfortable as a “big and tall” man.

  12. This world is wack.

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