05/11/16 No Man’s Land 14

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  1. Up or out!

  2. Teapot’s military past is showing… He’s taking orders in stride even though his superior officer is half his age ;-).

    Should Foxglove and Teapot ever become an item, they’re going to have to deal with some weird relationship dynamics…

  3. Teapot’s not questioning Anna right now, but he’s probably figured she’s channeling Hishla somehow.

  4. Contrary to popular belief, military members as a rule aren’t brainwashed, blindly loyal, or dumb. They are in fact far more cynical, suspicious, and inquisitive than the average civilian. They just hide their feelings and play a straight face.

    They also know that sometimes, taking the time to question a suspicious order is more likely to get one killed than obeying. Especially while on the run.

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