Yontengu has been printed and is for sale in my TopatoCo store!


05/13/16 No Man’s Land 15

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  1. “Shut up, Pewter!”

  2. Can I take pewter home and shoot him? Or do I get to shoot him now?

  3. You stay out of this! He doesn’t have to shoot you now!

  4. “ShinymetalbuttsayWHAT!?”
    “Wha-” *KLANG!!*

  5. I missed a weeks worth but there is no way to go back a few days to look at them. I hope that can be fixed sometime…this is an excellent comic.

  6. @Night_Gaunt49, there are both “previous” button and an archive. Below the strip/blog, and above the comments. Let me know if I’m missing something.

  7. Who programmed Pewter? Jar Jar?

  8. Strange, I didn’t see the “previous” button when I made that comment. Maybe something wrong with my computer. All fixed now. My bad.

  9. I ordered Yontengu yesterday! This will go well with the three Spacetrawler books… and the books I bought from Jon Rosenberg.

  10. Where’s the duct tape when you need it :X

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