05/20/16 No Man’s Land 18

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  1. Hmm… I shall insult you to encourage you to save me. Sounds like a Foxglove plan.

  2. OK, so it seems safe to assume that this alien, which seems like on guard duty, really is on guard duty.
    Now that Foxglove has a reference point, in future encounters it should be easier to interpret NEB behaviour.

    Well, it also could be that Foxglove has been invited for tea and the NEBs have a very intricate protocol.

  3. It is obvious that her guard is a real bruiser. Look at those injuries.

  4. Either the guard is sleeping with one eye open, or it had a nasty encounter with a grapefruit and a spork. Either way, it looks like one mean quadruped.

  5. I guess the aliens don’t have a sense of hearing.

  6. Wait. Why is there a jail where the McGuffin matter is nearby? Why didn’t they take Foxglove to their city? Ambush maybe?

  7. Is it me or does she look like a confused puppy in a pound?

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