This weekend I had a great time with Cedra and our two writer friends from San Francisco, staying in the beautiful San Jan Islands NW of Seattle. How lucky to have such opportunities and such good company. I feel very lucky.


05/18/16 No Man’s Land 17

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  1. My mistake. They’re not going to rescue a new person from jail. They’re going to rescue Foxglove.

  2. Anna, stop breaking the fourth wall!

  3. I never went to any of the islands when I lived in Seattle for a year… people from out there always seemed too snobbish for me to get over.

  4. Christopher Hunt

    I’ve been to San Juan and Orcas islands. My mother used to live on Whidbey.

  5. “Wait, look! Christopher visited the San Juan Islands!”

  6. I’ve been to Orcas and flown over the whole chain in a private plane. It’s lovely country out there. 🙂

  7. Rescue Foxglove Coyoty? I think you’re right, but ew.

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