I am in a couple weeks of nothing but deep, deep thought. Yes, taking time to, and solid time, to draw Anna Galactic, as well as other things. but mostly it is a hinge time when I decided a lot of things. What project is next, what other side-projects I am going to propose to my agent, what directions to take some pre-existing projects. I am loving it. Sit. Think. Type a little. Walk and think (I do my best thinking while walking). Type a little more. Have a peanut butter and jelly.

Good times.

Oh, and you should buy a printed copy of Yontengu!

05/25/16 No Man’s Land 20

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  1. I have to wonder–if the bars themselves cut slowly, what about the material around the bars?

  2. @Dajagr

    Good point – but if going around things were Teapot’s style then he wouldn’t have gotten into his current predicament in the first place 😉

  3. Whatever happens, I just hope nobody’s left feeling hopeless and empty at the end of this story.. :/

  4. Well, if you never won a fight against the dumpling tentacle monster try something different. Like throw stones and make weapons… oh like a rock in a sock.

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