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05/27/16 No Man’s Land 21

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  1. And Pewter is now a criminal nannybot. I think the Pewtster been jailbroken.

  2. “The sky monsters have escaped again!”
    “I suppose this time they could kill with a touch.”
    “Seriously? This is starting to sound like a running gag.”
    “Hishla called it a roadrunner cartoon, whatever that is.”
    “Okay, then, a roadrunning gag.”

  3. Really Anna? Just because a creature is bigger than you, stronger than your friends, and has a scar this makes it a “bully”? Prejudiced much?

    If anything, Quadarnie has shown the utmost restraint when neutralizing Teapod, an escaped convicted felon, who attacked him/her/it without provocation.

    Given that Anna already has made Teapot “light up” the local equivalent of a Shmoo and now has ordered Pewter to electrocute Quadarnie “lightly”, the local judge/Ktauwk feeder may not let her off in quite the same manner…

  4. Hrm. After all, the comic’s name’s Anna Galactic, not Foxglove and Teapot

  5. You know, as I lay in bed last night I was thinking about today’s strip, and all your comments faced me in somewhat the same direction. The point of the scene wasn’t to show her as a killer, but rather finding a confidence inside her. And I never intended her to sound like or be a callous killer. But the wording somewhat pointed that way. I think I originally thought the word “might” got around it, but now I don’t think it does.

    So, anyhow, I changed Pewter’s first dialogue from “that might kill it” to “but that might hurt it.” I feel much better about it.

  6. Well Christopher if it’s any consolation, I did notice that confidence growing in her…

  7. Oh, yeah. Growing like a dandelion in a crack in the sidewalk!

    Besides, given the relative size and obvious “toughness” of the guard, I was thinking “knocked out” rather than “dead”.

    BTW, anyone else notice the hatch is human-sized, not quadruped sized?

  8. I’d say that was a just poke. 😉 Should be “But even a light poke does this kind of thing.”

  9. Ah, she’s gaining confidence without a doubt. And you’ve clearly established in the former pages that she didn’t want to harm anyone. Here she wants to rescue her friends, that’s all.
    Btw, thanks for your comics, they’re great and allways fun to read.

  10. You all are so kind. Thank you. I’m glad you’re enjoying it and that it’s reading well. <3

    @Galane, I didn't quite change to to what you suggested, but i fixed the error. Thanks!

  11. Very enjoyable.

  12. Certainly… Just to be clear I was scrutinizing the character not the author or the novel…

    If anything, Anna’s actions feel rather realistic given that she does have a moral compass – and is timid and acutely aware of having been chaperoned through life before – but feels compelled to act. As well as to rationalize her actions (“Bully”) for the time being.

    A little bit like a certain fashionista in spacetrawler 😉

    I am sure Quadarnie has seen worse (to the extent that his merely trinocular vision allows).

  13. Getting arrested without trial by the locals may not be the best thing for them. So a little stun to the guard to get them out is warranted. The fact it is designed for human sized beings is disturbing in itself. I agree with the decisions. Also nice seeing Anna taking charge here too.

  14. The guard is actually pretty patient – considering the last two humans it met seem to have attacked it, it doesn’t seem to be preemptively going for Anna.

    And I should think that hatch would fit one of those knitting crab-things rather nicely.

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