I went on a wee adventure Tuesday, to Bend, OR today. Good food and too many thrift store. Just how I like it.

06/01/16 No Man’s Land 23

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  1. 1st panel: what should be whats, because you are really saying what is.

  2. Thanks, @Iamigor! Fixed! 🙂

  3. Exactly. Foxglove and Teapot need an external challenge to come together. Poisoned by a stabby-crab, stranded on an alien planet by a starship captain with a dubious agenda, hounded by an organized alien civilization – not enough!

    Anna (the) Galactic (Matchmaker) to the rescue!

    and I’m calling that Anna just entered an active Volcano because jinxbot.

  4. I find their lack of faith (in Anna) disturbing.

  5. @ Herandar

    Either that, or they’re afraid of finally being relegated to side-kick status (with matching cut in pay).

    Anna used AND rather than OR after “dangerous”.

    That means she didn’t even say she would turn back when it gets dangerous (and that’s assuming this is still possible at this point), but that she may consider it only if additional muscle or a sharp tongue are called for. But then Pewter has both of those in spades.

    If we ask nicely, maybe Chris is going to give them their own spin-off series: The Teapot and Foxglove chronicles (an Anna Galactic adventure)?

  6. Bend is only 276.8 miles away from here. If you’re still coing to be cruising around the Pac Northwest come the 5th of August, There’s Fandemonium in Boise, ID. Over 1,000 attendees in 2015 and 2014. Been happening every year since 2004!

  7. Abandon your friends tends not to be a good tactic or idea.

  8. EvilMidnightLurker

    For some reason, I tend to completely blank out your “other comics” sidebar — like, it just does not register to me at all! — and thus, once again, I find myself discovering your “latest” webcomic like a year and a half into it. Which makes me sad that I hadn’t been reading it all along! 😀

  9. @Galane, I’ll be house-sitting in Vermont by then! 😉

    @Kno3, well, I’d like to think that the general idea (and that all parties would agree) that she is putting herself at risk, and doesn’t INTEND to go far and actually abandon them.

    @EvilMidnightLurker, well, no surprise. For some reason when I re-deisgned I eliminated all links to other things of mine. Um. Sorry! And, welcome!

  10. Ah, to be young and dumb.

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