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06/03/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 01

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  1. Glowing? As in radioactive?

  2. Can you pick up a tooth while you’re out there?

  3. Just that one little stone?

  4. It’s a trap!

  5. Purple? glowy? why is the purple stone glowy? shouldn’t someone have some sort of protection against whatever radiation is being emitted?

    Otherwise, that’s just what I would do; wander over to the purple glowy stone and pick it up in my bare hands.

  6. But that pebble only harbors the power to quickly accelerate and then decelerate a massive mega-ton starship to velocities required to bridge cosmic distances in a short duration.

    [Or cut a hyper-tunnel-thingy through the very fabric of space-time. Scotty didn’t sit us down to explain that yet.]

    What could go wrong?

    Plus if it wasn’t shiny why would dragons hoard it?

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one who saw a glowy stone and thought “OK… that thing looks HOT. Like, a FUCKTON of hard rads.”

  8. Things that glow aren’t always dangerous.
    Though when they are minerals, it does tend to be a bad sign.

  9. How many of those purple stones are glowing anyway? What type of energy emission? Inimical to organic life?
    Does anyone ask these questions in the future on alien worlds!?!?!?

  10. Well…. so, when writing, I accepted that she would be familiar with the properties of Lauridium, since she’s the daughter of scientists who have been studying (and searching for) Lauridium (or its equivalent), and who seem to treat her with hands on experience. On Monday she will indeed handle it with her bare hands, and I am comfortable with her having the knowledge that (if this indeed has the same properties of Lauridium) this would be an acceptable thing to do. πŸ™‚

  11. So sayeth the author!

  12. Ha! Not to say I’m right. But does that sound reasonable? If enough of you don’t think so, I’ll probably make changes. πŸ™‚

  13. Seriously, it’s your story. You’ll notice I don’t even say anything about grammar, spelling, punctuation.. Just ’cause I enjoy the story enough and know there’s plenty of Grammar Nazis English majors to fill in. :p

  14. This is quite practical counter-factual explanation… Since we really have no idea what Lauridium is composed of, who is to judge? Even our outdated contemporary physics is familiar with natural processes such as fluorescence that give off light in the visible spectrum in the absence of harmful radiation.

    The Anna Galactic Universe has been consistently benevolent on the micro-level, from the sub-atomic (Lauridium) to the molecular (fine dust) to the microbiotic (infections, confused auto-immune responses). This allows the story to focus on social relations instead.

    Likewise, the inhabitants of said universe have experienced this benevolence and dress accordingly, allowing the protagonists to show off their characteristic curly hair, freckles, and biceps.

    In a “more realistic” setting all of them would either have to constantly hide behind protective suits, or Pewters would form the backbone of the crew. In any case, the readership would likely dwindle to die hard Pewter fans?

  15. Luaridium, a natural radioactive element. But not like Uranium or Plutonium? If so that glow is brighter and very very distinct in color. Not found on Earth?

    Questions aside, anxious to see what Anna Galactic will do next and looks good doing in!

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