Leaving Eugene. Had a great time here. Got tons of work done, and the Bijou theater plays AWESOME movies. Although I didn’t have time to see the Lobster over at the Metro. Ah well, on to Northern California!

06/08/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 03

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  1. EvilMidnightLurker

    …Anna and I have very different aesthetic sensibilities.

    I mean, that thing is both fugly as sin and aerodynamically hilarious.

  2. He’s a chicken! He’s a giant chicken, I’m telling ya!

  3. no sense of smell, has it?

  4. @EvilMidnightLurker: cave dwellers who drew the kthauwk in page ‘first contact 05’ seemed to agree with Anna though.

  5. Coyoty: Kthauwk Boo, heh.

  6. @ Caribouchat

    “no sense of smell, has it?”

    Give it time, it just landed.
    Also, I believe that airborne predators are more likely to rely on vision and/or hearing than smell. Longer range and plenty of unobstructed line-of-sight/hearing available up there. Smell detection depends too much on which way winds are blowing.

  7. @Helianthus: Yeah, you’re right.

    I hope there aren’t any babies in that nest though.

  8. How is the Kthauwk vicious? It eats things. There are zillions of Earth examples of pretty animals that eat other animals. Is Anna really that naive? And of course aesthetically challenged, as Evilmidnightlurker pointed out.

  9. What she needs is call waiting. Such creatures as the Kthawk need sharp eye sight. Oversized versions of raptors on Terra. Powerful talons, fast drops to snatch prey some as big as sheep.

  10. Great, the parasite’s taking her aside for a little K’thawk.

  11. Yup, flying predators need very good vision. For example the eyes of the bald eagle are the same size as human eyes, but their optical arrangement is optimized for extreme long range.

    In other news, I found out yesterday the Fandemonium convention is canceled for 2016 due to the venue only wanting to sign a contract for a date in September. Not good when the majority of attendees are high school and college students.

  12. @0z79, let’s just hope that it doesn’t turn into a heart-to-heart K’thawk. Then again, I’m sure that the Majestic Vicious (the cuter, younger sibling of Sid Vicious) turns out to have a big heart, and won’t have any problems with the funny-looking alien creature taking it’s prized purple-sparkly pretty that it needs to attract a mate.

    Pretty sure, anyway.

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