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06/10/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 04

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  1. What creature is so stupid it keeps poisons around its home?

    Hmm. My bathroom tiles could use a good scrubbing with ammonia… And I need to spraypaint a mask… Better get under the kitchen cabinets with the bug spray…

  2. Just a tiny error: the second panel starts with “the recipes is”.

  3. Wait, I got a call coming in on my other telepathic line…

    Yes, sorry, I realize you have been waiting a while now but the order is almost delivered. The human will be in your nest momentarily. Yes, the young and tender one. Likewise, pleasure doing business, give my regards to the family…

    So, where were we? Yes, go to the nest and… look for a… something or other. It will contain a magical somesuch, long lost, let’s go with that. If you don’t find it right away, don’t be discouraged, just keep looking. Anna, you there?

  4. A poison to tame them? That’s not generally what poisons do.

    Also, is the Kthauwk raising young? If not, it’s a den or a lair or something. Adult animals don’t live in nests. (No, not even birds, despite what people think)

  5. Anna, by reason of alien mind control, has become a person with gumption. At this point, I give you permission to name the comic after her.

  6. IN the Jurassic Park universes use of cone shell poison to stun them seemed crazy. Doesn’t it kill them dead like anything else?

    This Kthawk species seems quiet intelligent yet is still reduced to one member left. Do they reproduce by budding?

  7. Hey Jurassic Park is a movie with dinosaurs without feathers. It’s a movie that thinks dinosaurs make better weapons than drones.

    Naw there are more Kthawks out there, just one vial of mind control poison. Oh, and poison lethality is concentration times toxicity.

  8. Man, this reminds me so much of those old D&D modules. The ones where the dungeons were conveniently filled with exactly what you needed to fight the monsters in them.

  9. Except for White Plume Mountain that is.

  10. Thanks, @Porsupah! Fixed!

    And I slightly changed the text. Hishla’s first dialogue is no how it was originally written. I’d changed it because it seemed too out of character for Anna to just want to kill it. But then, today, I read ahead and realizes I had written her grappling with it later on. And so I needed to change it back.

    BUT I needed to give her a bit more inspiration to go after it, because it is indeed against her nature. And so I gave Hishla the additional line instilling fear and immediacy into her “in the moment” lizard brain. 🙂

  11. I like the new Hishla dialogue better. It also makes me like the NEBs less, since they murdered all but one of the hideously ugly Kthauwks.

  12. What?! I’ve been checking out your other webcomics, Chris and have been reading through Anna Galactic at a bit of a breakneck speed (it’s the way you write action so well. I MUST hurry to read the following strip right away). But I figured I’d have to check if any of the commenters might’ve clued in on Hishla’s motives in helping Anna. Then, I saw the dates of the comments. 《wail!!!》I’ve only got about 6 months left before I catch up and have to wait patiently like all the other mortals for new episodes!

    But before I catch up, my bet’s on Hishla wanting to wipe out all Kthauwks because they’re enemies. I still dont trust him/her/it. We’re not sure the Kthauwk was set on killing Anna just ’cause it sniffed her. After all, dogs and cats sniff people out to know them better. So I wonder if Kthauwks might be friendly or even sentient NEBs. Or maybe that’s just the Little Dee in me who wants to hug every animal around.

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