Whoot! Strip is done, just under the gun. Been drawing all day! Have a great weekend!

06/24/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 10

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  1. Anna just got an argument in favor of not killing the kthauwk. It kthauwked her out of it.

  2. You beautifully misspelled “Bureaucracy” there… 🙂

  3. Bureaucracy is a bitch to spell, huh?

  4. Beaurocracy (n)

    1. Government by a group of people who are all romantically involved with one another.

    2. A state where everyone in a leadership position is named “Beauregard”.

  5. Oh, goody, it can THINK!!

  6. Kthawks not only have size and maneuverability, but tool using intelligence too. That is just so unfair!!!
    What a crappy situation it has been now elevated to brown pants alert.

  7. Perhaps I missed something but weren’t Foxglove and “Teapot” trapped in the brig?

  8. @Steven, only temporarily trapped, they simply said the bars cut “extremely slowly.”

  9. @Bauke and @Herandar: `Beaurocracy’ is obviously a hint that his brother-in-law works in bureaucracy. New plot device!

  10. Great! The K’thauwk missed! Clearly it has astigmatism (which may be one reason why the species was decimated). All they have to do is split up so they are on opposite sides of its visual field while Anna climbs up the cliff to safety! Without any rope or climbing gear, but hey, she’s plucky.

  11. Plugging the escape tunnel. Must not be hungry.

  12. Yeahhhhh… that was quite the misspelling. Heh. Um. yes. Fixed!

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