Okay, I haven’t slept well for four days now, for no good reason. Normally, sure, I’m awake enough to function. But this is a development time, which means my brain has to be at 110%. Which is frustrating.

I know many other people have much worse sleep issues. And normally I sleep pretty good. But, we all have our own burden, and this week mine is barely being able to stay focused. Huzzah! I will have to must rise to the… yawwwwn…. what was I talking about?

06/22/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 09

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  1. He could make some snarky comment about her right now, but I wouldn’t advise it. Her reaction would make the kthauwk think twice about picking on her, though.

  2. JESUS that thing is ugly.

  3. This is how Foxglove shows affection.

    Anna shows affection by leaving them locked up in a cell.

    Teapot in turn shows his affection by wrestling with the Kthauwk ostensibly to save the maidens.

    The Ktauwk shows affection through his mating call (though if it really is the last of its kind this could become a little frustrating).

    Pewter shows affection by sheer indulgence of inferior non-metallic life forms.

    The author shows affection by engaging in his art with apt attention to detail. This is much appreciated and certainly in no way related to lack of sleep: [link to a mostly safe for work oglaf strip].

  4. Between a rock and thwack place. Give me the rock instead.

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