So. News.


Yup! That’s right. All new adventures of the comic, “Spacetrawler” will begin in September.

Anna Galactic ends sometime in August/September, and then I’ll switch over to Spacetrawler. There will likely be some overlap, and my best guess is that Spacetrawler will begin the first week of September.

And helping bring about this is the generous support of many of you through Patreon! Please, follow that link and help out in bringing back all the awesomeness. Also, my weekly Patreon blog will include Spacetrawler development drawings and blather! You can unlock it to read it by helping out too, by contributing over on my Patreon page.


So. Let that all sink in. AND CELEBRATE! 🙂

best! -Christopher

06/29/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 12

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  1. Aw yisssss! New Spacetrawler!!!!! (also, kissss)

  2. Aw yisssss! New Spacetrawler!!!!

  3. A new Spacetrawler? Sweet music to my ears!

  4. D’awww. ^_^

    And such good news with Spacetrawler! I’ll be sorry to leave Foxglove, Anna, Teapot, and Pewter, but at least I’ll be able to look forward to AG’s conclusion with that in mind.

  5. Now we get to see if the kthauwk is sentimental…

  6. Dimitri! Dimitri! Dimitri! Dimitri! I look forward to getting another original to go with my “To our mothers!”

  7. !!!!
    Words fail.

  8. First, I did NOT see that happening in the middle of an open area with a gigantic monster bearing down. Second, woohoo on spacetrawler! I didn’t get a chance to follow the journey when it was still going, but it was a good story.

  9. OH MY GOD MORE SPACETRAWLER also that freaking K’thawk doesn’t know when to go down. One dose of mind-control-virus coming up!

    …I wonder if Dmitri would find it biologically compatible…

  10. Drawn by the deep instinctual imperatives and hence heedless of the mortal danger he is in, the seasoned warrior makes his approach.

    Also Teapot kisses Foxglove, leaving Anna flabbergasted. Then again, Pewter was her nanny-bot so there may well be gaps in her education regarding such matters.

  11. Aaaaah, Spacetrawler!!!!! I’m super excited!!

  12. Priorities.

    And TWO bombs in one post? OMG

    Is it weird that I only now notice trope-ish similarities between Foxglove, Teapot and their relationship and that of Emily and Pierrot?

  13. I started with Spacetrawler. You made me laugh, you made me cry. I loved Spacetrawler. I look forward to seeing what they do next.

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  15. EvilMidnightLurker

    WOOHOO! for this comic and the news. 😀

  16. Funniest comic yet. The look on Anna’s face. Priceless!

    Also, Foxglove is adorable. 🙂

    Also, hooray! More Spacetrawler!

    I think you made my day. 🙂

  17. Glad to hear SpaceTrawler is returning. Going to miss Anna Galactic. Love to know more about One Way also.

  18. Love to see Spacetrawler again. Pity about Teapot though.

  19. Pottybot lives!

  20. Yay, Spacetrawler! (and we can always hope Nogg recruits Foxglove and Teapot for his next adventure)

    and yay for Teapot, for declaring himself – even if it is at the (hopefully not) last moment!

  21. STEVEN
    They certainly seem to be failing Anna!

  22. It will be nice to visit that Space Trawler universe again, though like the others I am sorry to leave Anna Galactic and friends.

  23. Woo! Go Foxglove! Go Teapot!

    And double plus woo for Spacetrawler! I can’t wait for [spoilers].

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