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07/01/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 13

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  1. Great. They finally admitted their love, only to spend their time together in the last Kthauwk’s stomach.

  2. Apparently Teapot’s admirable-yet-impractical sense of nobility is contagious and can be contracted through kissing.

  3. YOU, okay!?
    I learned it by watching YOU!!!

  4. Kthauwk don’t chew, and Foxglove got a cutter. The acid bath is going to be rough though.

  5. Well, you know what they can put on her tombstone: She loved him until the day she died.

  6. One hopes it’s a fast-acting poison….and that she can wiggle around enough to get the stopper out.

  7. There’s a thing called ‘happy end’…and there is Christopher.

  8. They did not take into account that this thing can read.
    On the bottle it says ‘Warning: don’t take on empty stomach’.

  9. Typo (?) in the last panel: instead of an exclamation mark, Foxglove uses a forward slash.

  10. @Minando, ha! Yes, I do have a history. But I’d say this story has a relatively happy ending? With a twist?

    @Psycho, thanks! Will fix. 🙂

  11. Hey you can get tissue samples for a resurrection team to breed more to scatter around the planet once you have an idea about the species and why it is down to that last one. (I get it is so well adapted than it is slaughtering all other species making them extinct too eventually. Sounds like a “Kathoga” which is an Omega Predator that appears just to wipe out another out-of-control species—in this case humanity, in order to protect the rest of life, then die out. Part of the “Callisto Effect” in the movie and book called “Relic”.

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