So, last week, Cedra and I hiked through Desolation Wilderness, CA. 4 days, 3 nights. Probably about 30 miles (haven’t counted yet). It was strenuous and all visually lovely, and I love walking. 30 pound packs, surprisingly to me, aren’t ALL that bad since the weight rests on your hips rather than your shoulders (who knew!). Bringing a daily ration of Fritos was one of my best decisions. Yay! We did it! 🙂

Me in my dashing hiking garb, atop Dick’s Pass.


Cedra studying the maps from where we got LOST on our way up Dick’s Pass.


Setting up camp at Dick’s Lake. Amazingly we BOTH slept in that tent.


And I doodled each day. I’d say this was the best. Fun!


07/11/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 17

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  1. They’re going to talk kthauwk. When they get back, she’ll tell them she named it Ted. Ted Kthauwk. Ted will stop them from killing her.

  2. Hope you had pepper spray on you. Mountain lions have been getting a bit aggressive lately out there. Also, did you hear any loud scream or roars that were not mountain lions? Some say those are from Bigfoot, other say they are triggered electronically to scare people away from illegal marijuana grow operations, or are jokesters. Personally, I believe, based on personal experience, that there really is some sort of large, uncatalogued animal in the western forests.

  3. PS: Great artwork. Bob Ross would have been proud. 😉

  4. Based on the Ktauwk’s polite behavior, Bigfoot will probably respectfully request to be sketched. How do you think Chris gets his creative ideas and imagery?

  5. Rather restrained for a monstrous killing machine, no?

  6. Sentience demonstrated.

  7. Some beautiful scenes of your hiking trip. Thanx for sharing!

  8. Hmmmmm……so what is that “lauridium”, really?

  9. Hmmm… thinking the kthauwk was made by humans to control lauridium mines.

  10. Wow. Talk about a funky chicken…Picaaak!

  11. “Hey! Small-nest-invader dropped death glass! Small-nest-invader maybe not bad!”
    “Oh. Not-bad-small-nest-invader dropped other thing. Better grab, might be important!”

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