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07/08/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 16

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  1. Aaaah. A great and really satisfying last panel. Anna is great.

  2. Awesome last panel, great “shattered glass” effect!

  3. Anna’s breaking out! Bravo!

  4. Just kill the darn thing already! It’s a monster that’s going to devour you all -_- it’s not a hard decision. That beast sure is taking it’s sweet time in eating her.

  5. The Saprophyte

    The title of this chapter should’ve been Kthauwks’N Drugs’N Rock’N Roll.

  6. Great page indeed… (mostly the last panel) I could almost listen background music.

  7. @BoldODonahue, you know, you’re right. The birdy-thingy IS taking its time eating them.

    The blessed thing is definitely heavier than air. It flies. Not just coasting on thermals, but flapping wings gives it lift. That does NOT come cheap. It has some serious energy requirements. Whales make do because they’re able to strain out several tons of krill from the sea. (Blue whales eat 4 tons of krill daily during the summer.) This thing does not have baleen, it has teeth made for rending and tearing their meals into easily-digestible chunks.

    No bones in the nest, so it eats elsewhere and doesn’t bring home a doggie bag. So just what the heck DOES this thing eat?


    @Muzhik some birds (including owls) simply eat their prey whole. I imagine a Kthauwk has some interesting droppings! But I am not surprised we don’t see those droppings in its own nest.

    Source: (for owls):

  9. Hishla’s species?

  10. @BoldODonahue, yup, although space aliens tend not to be that tasty, and kinda smell bad. Tend to.

  11. @KNO3 — so, how many have you eaten? Does NASA know?

  12. Owls and snakes eat them whole then regurgitate what can’t be digested like feathers and bones. Though K’thwack digest everything so it doesn’t have an anus or lower intestine.

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