You will have a good weekend. THAT IS A COMMAND!

Unless you don’t want to.

Vermont is lovely. Still settling in. I think more dessert would help me settle in.

07/22/16 Kthauwk’s Lair 22

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  1. If you think Vermont is pretty now, wait until about October.

  2. Pewter, where is that tooth?!!!

  3. Pewter is holding out on the tooth until someone says I love you Pewter. Foxglove is so dead.

  4. @War_Pig, I grew up in Massachusetts about 15 minutes from the border. Totally. Although I’m always a bit torn, I think I might slightly prefer the vibrant green. 🙂

  5. @Christopher, blueberry pie. With vanilla ice cream. French vanilla if you want to be fancy. Do it. Now.


  6. @Chris You’re settling in? So your massive road trip’s over?

  7. @0z79, no! Just here 2.5 months!

  8. Unless you have a stasis capsule in your hammerspace, Pewter is being selfish to a terrible degree here.

  9. @TB, (referring to the previous issue of the webpage), you’re right about Pewter having had part of the K’thauwk’s tooth embedded in his panel. I had thought that Anna pulled part of the tooth out of the nest, but no. I just went through all 22 episodes of “The K’thauwk’s Lair” (cue sinister music) to find the part where Pewter got the tooth. My guess is that he probably dropped it in the tunnel he was trying to dig to get around the entrance being blocked.

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