Update: power finally back on (updating from phone, still no internet), water back on, road open. Last night’s strip will go up tonight (tomorrow as well, right back on schedule)!



A huge storm passed through middle-Vermont during the day on Saturday. The power is out, no water even, and huge trees block the road so we can’t escape via car either.

So, I may not have power for days, so I can’t create strips, and I had to take a long walk just for phone service to post this.

So! Will be back as soon as I can. The town estimate is 2 or 3 days. I apologize for the delay.

Sincerely, Christopher

Power Out

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  1. With the heat and humidity, that sucks. No a/c. Glad you and yours were not harmed. Hope you have a generator to run intermittently to keep the food cold. No water? Even worse. Take what time you need, brother. We can wait. Scrounge clean water wherever you can.

  2. Sucks to be in vermont………………….

  3. I was initially a bit startled by the change in drawing style – the Ktauwk would look a bit like a stranded Pokemon against those bushes…

    This explanation makes more sense ;-). There is always something. I still remember a less complicated time where artists could create off the grid 😉

  4. I know you can’t read our comments now, but…good luck anyway.

  5. AAARG! What’s happening? Does she die today?

    I’m sorry you are without power (painful but liveable) But no water! That can be dangerous. I hope no one was hurt by the falling trees.

    I still want to know what’s happening!

  6. Without access to the internet, no ability to post. So it doesn’t matter if he did all electronically or on paper then scanned it in to send.

    Just so long as that area isn’t overrun with giant purple spiders that eat your head and absorb the brain to augment its own. See the Plateau of Leng Bestiary.

  7. Hey, I’m near Tunbridge VT. I can at least help you clear the driveway if you’re close. shoot me an email if you’re nearby. We just got our power back on.

  8. Excuses, excuses. If you can send a picture of trees, you can make a stick figure drawing on your phone and upload.

    Just kidding. Get caught up on paper/canvas-based work, hopefully.

  9. @War Pig, Heat and humidity? In Vermont? Phhhht! (or however you want to spell the sound of dismissal) Doesn’t exist! If you want heat AND humidity, come to the Midwest! We LAUGH at those wimpy Texans who complain about the weather! (Oooo! Heat AND humidity! And you got three inches of snow overnight last December! Boy!)

  10. Glad you are all right. Yeah Muzhik, just warm here, can’t call it hot at 90F/32C.

  11. @Muzhik, Humidity? In wherever the hell you are? Phhhht? As if! If you want real, soul-drenching humidity, come to central Florida.

    You’ll start a mile run and wonder why you went swimming halfway through.

  12. Some time ago a friend of mine living in a wooded area was hit by a storm, which knocked down an old 3 foot diameter tree. The father was a collector on knick-knacks and had an old lumberjacks two-man saw. They used it to cut the tree in to disks they could roll off their driveway.
    Must have been a quite a workout.

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